Neck Injury

Neck injuries usually present with a reduction in movement and pain. This is due to the number of joints, muscles and nerves in the neck that can be affected by an injury. Conditions causing neck pain may include whiplash, trapped nerves, and spondylosis.

We have a variety of physiotherapy treatments for all types of neck injuries that may include mobilization, exercises, postural advice, ergonomics, preventative measures and lifestyle changes. 

Exercise 1 – Neck Muscle Stretch

This neck exercise is designed to stretch those tight neck muscles and reduce neck pain. Bend the ear towards the shoulder whilst keeping your shoulders relaxed. You can use a hand just to guide the head, and move the neck into a side-flexed position. Hold the first stretch across the side of the neck muscles for fifteen seconds and then tuck the chin down. This is designed to stretch firstly the side of the neck and then the back of the neck. Do each stretch for fifteen seconds on both sides twice a day.

Exercise 2 - Wall Lean Neck Strengthening

Stand approximately 1 foot from a wall, place a towel behind your head, and lean against the towel. Make sure your body has good straight alignment, and keep your chin up. If you find this easy, stand a little further from the wall. You should feel a gentle muscle contraction at the back of your neck (you may not feel it at first, but after 20-30 seconds you will feel the muscle contraction). Hold the stretch for 1 minute and repeat twice per day.

At Surrey Physio, we use to provide you with individual exercise programmes that work for you.