Sprains and Strains

A sprain refers to an injury to a ligament, which varies in severity depending on how many fibres are torn. A strain describes damage to, or in more severe cases tearing of a muscle. These injuries can cause extreme pain and swelling, as well as loss of movement and function.

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One of the most common sprains is the ankle sprain. It’s a common sports injury on the netball court or the rugby field. Here are some exercises that will help:

Exercise 1 - Passive Eversion with Towel Sitting

Sitting on a chair, wrap a towel around the arch of your foot. Pull your foot outwards and upwards with the towel, to improve mobility to your ankle. Repeat 10x, three times per day.

Exercise 2 - One Leg Stand

Stand on one leg, and try to keep your balance. Be careful and hold on to a wall for support when you first start this exercise. A single leg balance exercise such as this is an enormously valuable exercise, and its benefits include strengthening the muscles and ligaments around the ankles and knees, and improving balance. Stand for up to 2 minutes, twice per day.

Further resources for sprains and strains:

At Surrey Physio, we use www.rehabmypatient.com to provide you with individual exercise programmes that work for you.