Confidentiality is fundamental to trust and we believe that as a physiotherapy clinic we must always show patients the highest level of confidentiality. We respect our patients’ rights to privacy and confidentiality, and maintain and protect patient information effectively and securely.

In addition, all staff sign an Oath of Confidentiality. We also ask all of our staff to attend in-service training on confidentiality.

Our charter is to:

1. Keep patient identities and all other personal information and any opinions confidential.

2. Ensure that any member of staff exposed to patient information (such as administrators or students) also keeps the information confidential.

3. Keep all patient records confidential.

4. Staff will at all times ensure that they take steps to safeguard personal health data, by continuously assessing risk of confidentiality breach and consistently taking steps to avoid accidental breaches

5. Not to discuss patients on social media.

6. Maintain a high-level of security for patient data.

7. Never pass your contact details to a third party without your permission.

8. Follow and oblige with the principles of the General Data Protection Regulation (1998).

If you feel there has been a breach of confidentiality, in the first instance please report it to us so we can investigate.

We also have a Duty of Candour policy.

Duty of Candour

The Being Open principles and ethical duty of openness apply to all incidents and any failure in care or treatment.  The Duty of Candour applies to incidents whereby moderate harm, significant harm or death has occurred. Of course this is very unlikely to happen in the surroundings of a physiotherapy clinic, and fortunately, since 2000 we have never had a case of a patient suffering moderate harm or worse as a result of physiotherapy treatment or rehabilitation. However, we follow the principles of Duty of Candour and you can request a copy of our Duty of Candour Policy by emailing Lorraine Carey, Group Practice Manager.