Corporate Services

Improve your employee well being and reduce absence figures
img1 • Businesses in England lose £34billion a year due to people taking genuine sick days.
• In 2008, 28 million working days were lost to illness
• The Work Foundation reports that for every £1 invested in wellbeing initiatives, businesses get a return of £3.
• The vast majority of ill health was divided between stress and musculoskeletal disorders
• The average employee will take 13 days off each year for recovery.
• Based on the average UK annual wage of £23,764, each worker costs their employer £1188.20 a year in sick days.

Surrey Physio can offer your company the opportunity to purchase block treatment packages for your staff at a reduced rate. We will help your staff to recover and return to full functional independence as quickly and safely as possible. All our chartered physiotherapists are highly trained and passionate about your health. We know how important it is to help keep staff fit, healthy and at work.

We can work with your staff to resolve pain quickly while teaching them the skills to help prevent a recurrence of symptoms. Common workplace complaints include back pain, stiff or painful necks, sore shoulders and upper backs, sprains, joint pain and muscle strains and recurring headaches. Research has shown that regularly maintaining the health and well being of your employees significantly reduces the cost of absentees. Whether your company has employees who are sat at a desk throughout the day or whether your company employs manual laborers Surrey Physio can help reduce costs.

Our package includes 4 x Physiotherapy treatments per employee (which includes an initial assessment).

Treatments may include

  • Spinal mobilisation,
  • Soft tissue techniques for muscles,
  • Neural tissue mobilisation,
  • Postural muscle strengthening
  • Acupuncture
  • Sports Massage

Benefits for Employers

  • Reduce absence through sickness
  • Cost Effective
  • Improve staff morale
  • Improve your employees productivity
  • Help staff to remain at work
  • Reduce sickness absence
  • Facilitates earlier return to work
  • Reduce financial liabilities

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