Benefits of a First Contact Practitioner

FCPs play an essential role in reducing the burden of MSK complaints in primary care by ensuring people are seen ‘by the right person, in the right place, first time’. FCPs are highly trained musculoskeletal experts whose role is to diagnose conditions, refer for appropriate care, investigate red flags or refer as necessary, and provide advice and guidance.

The FCP role is not a community physiotherapy role, the two services are very different. The community physiotherapy provides closer rehabilitation and care to a patient following injury or surgery.

The goal of fully integrated FCPs is to:

  • Facilitate quicker access to treatment for those who need it.
  • Reduce workload for GPs.
  • Reduce waiting times for GP appointments.
  • Reduce health service costs such as prescriptions and secondary referrals.
  • Reduce inappropriate referrals and repeat visits for minor complaints.
  • Increase emphasis on self-management.
  • Improve patient outcomes and service satisfaction.

At Surrey Physio, our FCPs seamlessly integrate into PCNs and GP surgeries to provide high quality care, instead of using a general practitioner. Patients are signposted by the reception team, who we train, and by GPs and other members of the practice team. Slots are booked into EMIS or other electronic record management software. We set it up, we manage and look after our team, but they work with you.