First Contact Practitioner Case Study

NE Hampshire and Farnham FCP Service:

In January 2018, Surrey Physio took over FCP service provision for North East Hampshire and has since expanded to provide FCP clinics in 6 GP practices across the region. Often cited as the preferred provider, Surrey Physio has built up strong working relationships within PCNs and local practices and operates an ‘open-door policy’ with each multi-disciplinary team; sharing expertise and attending team meetings. When asked, patients have reported a high level of satisfaction with FCP clinics, as waiting times for initial appointments has been reduced, and the accuracy of referrals improved. Individual practices have also provided excellent feedback and requested an extension of our services.

First Contact Practitioner - Ben Coffey

BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy, MCSP, HCPC Registered, Trained Osteopath.

Ben Coffey is the Clinical Area Manager for NE Hants and Farnham and the Clinical Lead for the Surrey Physio FCP service. He offers expert MSK assessment, diagnosis and referral on site in the number of GP practices, as well as administering steroid injections when needed. In the last 12 months Ben has administered over 600 documented injections.

Ben has built up strong working relationships with local secondary health services as well as within the practice teams by attending meetings and offering continued professional development. He operates a “walk-in at any time” policy helping with full integration into the multi-disciplinary team. Ben has led on the development of a specialist training package to help train other FCPs and has subsequently grown the service in NE Hants. He has also initiated the collection of patient feedback as well as the regular collation of audit data to ensure ongoing quality assurance.

Ben is a band 8 Physiotherapist but not all physiotherapists perform injections.