First Contact Practitioner Software

Rehab Me

Surrey Physio are unique as the proud proprietors of innovative prescription software ‘Rehab Me’ which is used by our practitioners. Rehab Me allows an FCP to choose from available treatment options (where appropriate), set the course frequency and review date. Rehab Me can be prescribed quickly and easily within an FCP’s 20-minute assessment time; subsequently reducing administration time and increasing face to face contact with the patient. Rehab Me enables patients to access their treatment program quickly and easily from home, record their progress and seek support, e.g. signposting community groups, subsequently improving overall health outcomes.

Rehab Me has been given significant attention by the NHS, and was developed with assistance from the NHS England Clinical Entrepreneur Team.

We feel that Rehab Me has the potential to change the way that FCPs work in General Practice, supporting their exercise and advice guidance as well as giving patients video-based rehabilitation programmes to continue their rehab outside of the GP surgery.

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