Leila Williams

Carshalton/Sutton Clinic Manager, Practice Manager, Carshalton and Sutton Physio

Leila Williams

Leila Williams is the Practice Manager at Surrey Physio Carshalton/Sutton. She has day-to-day management responsibility for the clinic. With over ten years' experience, having joined Surrey Physio in 2009, Leila ensures the smooth running of the clinic and takes pride in her work. She is friendly, welcoming and loves to meet new people.

Leila is a fantastic team member, and runs a super clinic at Carshalton. According to a Belbin report, Leila is a great implementer, and finisher, helping to get tasks done and finishing projects. She is a respected and capable manager who is well thought-of by every member of the team.

Outside of work Leila likes to spend time with family and friends. She also enjoys cooking, reading, Pilates and a holiday or two!

Leila is always happy to help with any queries/feedback you may have and can be contacted via email [email protected] or phone 020 8643 8000.