RSI is Repetitive Strain Injury that can be caused by doing the same work with the same muscle group and in the same position day in day out. RSIs can be related to lifestyle or working practice.

Our assessment and diagnoses of RSI will ensure we are able to provide you with correct treatment which may include manipulation, mobilization, nerve strengthening, ultrasound, home exercise and advice on ergonomics and job related corrections.

The biggest cause of RSI is poor work posture and workstation ergonomics. If you are unsure if your work set up is correct, as a colleague to take a photo of you from a side-profile and bring it in to one of our physio's. We will look at your set-up and let you know if you need to change anything. For example, we might ask you to raise your screen, lower your seat, use a foot rest, use a mouse or keyboard rest, or move your keyboard. Also laptop users are particularly prone to RSI, as are people who use smart phones a lot.

Here are some exercises you can do to reduce the pain from RSI:

Exercise 1 - Wrist Extension Stretch

Hold your arm and hand in front of you, with your fingers pointing upwards. Pull your hand backwards, to create a stretch on the underside of your wrist and forearm, and hold. This exercise will help stretch your forearm muscles, improving the mobility of your wrist. Hold the stretch for 30 seconds, and repeat three times each side.

Exercise 2 - Ice the Wrist

Place an ice bag or pack of frozen peas over the inside of your wrist, or over any swelling. This will help reduce swelling and pain. Wrap the ice bag in a tea towel to make sure its not too cold. Ice the wrist for 5 minutes, three times per day.

At Surrey Physio, we use to provide you with individual exercise programmes that work for you.