Corporate services

Empower Your Workforce with Health and Wellness

In today's fast-paced corporate world, the health and wellness of your employees are paramount. At Surrey Physio, we specialise in bringing comprehensive physiotherapy and osteopathy services directly to your workplace. Our goal is to enhance employee well-being, reduce sick leave, and foster a culture of health that translates into increased productivity.

Workplace Assessments: Tailored for Your Needs

Our expert team conducts detailed workplace assessments to identify potential risk factors that could lead to musculoskeletal problems. We focus on ergonomic solutions, modifying workstations to fit the employee, not the other way around. By optimising the work environment, we help prevent injuries, ensuring your team remains healthy and efficient.

On-site and Remote Physiotherapy: Flexibility at Its Best

Surrey Physio offers both on-site and remote physiotherapy sessions. Our on-site services bring the benefits of professional physiotherapy to your office, saving your staff travel time and expense. For remote assistance, we provide virtual consultations and guided therapy sessions, offering convenience without compromising on quality care.

Our Services Include:

  • On-Site Physiotherapy: Professional treatment at your location for convenience and efficiency.
  • Remote Consultations: Virtual physiotherapy sessions to accommodate flexible work arrangements.
  • Ergonomic Assessments: Customised evaluations of workspaces to enhance comfort and prevent injuries.
  • Osteopathy: Holistic care focusing on the relationship between the body's structure and function.
  • Sports Massage and Massage Therapy.
  • Workshops and Training: Educational sessions on posture, body mechanics, and self-care strategies.

  • The Benefits for Your Company:

  • Reduced Time off Sick: Addressing physical issues proactively can decrease time off due to injury.
  • Boosted Morale: Demonstrating a commitment to employee health can improve overall job satisfaction.
  • Enhanced Productivity: A physically well workforce is more energetic and can perform at higher levels.
  • Long-Term Savings: Investing in employee health can reduce the long-term costs associated with healthcare and turnover.

  • Who have we Worked With?

  • NHS
  • Ikea
  • John Lewis
  • Other smaller companies

  • Typical Results:

    After six months of Surrey Physio's corporate programme:

  • Sick leave reduced – some studies suggest that sick leave due to musculoskeletal problems can be reduced by up to 40%.
  • Employee self-reported pain levels decreased – some studies showing 70% improvements.
  • Productivity metrics improved – studies show around a 25% increase, attributed to fewer discomfort-related distractions and improved employee morale.
  • Employee feedback is typically overwhelmingly positive.
  • Partner with Surrey Physio to create a healthier workplace and a stronger, more focused team. Contact us today and speak to Lorraine or Luke to discuss a bespoke corporate physiotherapy package that aligns with your company's unique needs.