Ultrasound Scans

Ultrasound scans are not currently provided by Surrey Physio staff. This requires a level of training that we have not yet achieved in order to carry out and report on an ultrasound scan.

However, our therapy team is well placed to advise you on whether you may require a scan or not, and if an ultrasound scan would be more beneficial than another type of scan or X-ray.

Ultrasound scans or imaging involve using high-frequency sound-waves that pass into the body and produce an image. Scanners are normally 2D, but technology now allows this to be converted to 3D and 4D (with movement). Ultrasound scans are very good for identifying soft tissue injuries, ligament tears, tendinopathy, and muscle tears. Ultrasound scans are normally provided by radiologists known as ultrasonographers, but extended scope physiotherapists sometimes perform scans too. Scans may be used to do joint injections as well.

Following a shared decision making process on the best plan for managing or treating your condition, we may recommend an ultrasound scan. If that is the case we may refer you back to your GP with a letter, or refer you privately to a trusted clinic. We always seek your consent before providing your medical information to any third-parties.

Once we receive the results, we discuss with you the diagnosis and treatment options. You can ask questions at any time, but this is always a good opportunity to get to understand your condition and how to resolve it.