X-rays at Surrey Physio

While we do not have X-ray facilities at Surrey Physio, we do have connections with trusted local hospitals that we can refer you to for X-ray if required.

X-rays use radiation to show an image of the bones and joints. For this reason, we follow the IRMER (2017) guidelines and our therapy team staff are trained in IRMER. We also follow CQC rules https://www.cqc.org.uk/guidance-providers/ionising-radiation/ionising-radiation-medical-exposure-regulations-irmer on IRMER. These guidelines ensure that unnecessary X-rays are not requested and that safety procedures are followed prior to X-ray.

X-rays are very good for showing fractures, bone abnormalities, and osteoarthritis. If you suspect a fracture, in most cases we recommend going to A&E especially if you have suffered trauma or acute injury, or a fall. If you have known osteoporosis, we also recommend you attend your hospital or speak to your GP. Patients often ask for X-rays to diagnose arthritis, but all of our therapists can provide a diagnosis of osteoarthritis without an X-ray, and follow NICE guidance https://www.nice.org.uk/guidance/cg177 on osteoarthritis. 

Before referring you for an X-ray, we would undertake a process of shared decision making. This discusses all options with you, risks associated, likely improvements gained, and gives you a clear picture of how you would like your problem to be investigated, treated or managed. We always seek consent to share your information with any third-parties.