Ostenil® Plus is a solution containing hyaluronic acid developed specifically for the treatment of osteoarthritis. It comes in injection form.

What conditions does OSTENIL® PLUS treat?

Ostenil® Plus has been specifically designed to treat osteoarthritis, a degenerative disease that causes pain and stiffness in the joints.

How can I use OSTENIL ®PLUS?

Ostenil® Plus is a single injection (per treatment cycle) that is injected directly into the joint affected by osteoarthritis by a fully qualified clinician.

How can I get OSTENIL® PLUS?

This treatment must be administered by a qualified clinician – we provide this treatment at Surrey Physio. Our physio will usually order it on your behalf. You can also obtain a prescription and pick it up at your local pharmacy to take back to your clinician to administer into the affected joint.

Is OSTENIL® PLUS suitable for my condition?

You should always consult your GP, physiotherapist, osteopath or consultant before starting any new treatment as they will know your condition the best. No one else is qualified to give you medical advice.

For which joints can OSTENIL® PLUS be used?

Ostenil® Plus can be used in any synovial joint – typically the knee, hip or shoulder joints. It is also suitable for the ankle, elbow and some smaller joints.

What is a synovial joint?

A synovial joint is one in which the ends of the bones are encased in a capsule containing a thick slippery liquid called synovial fluid. These are joints which allow for movement like the knee, hip or shoulder.

How often should I have an OTSTENIL® PLUS injection?

When the effects of your injection begin to wear off, if your clinician agrees, you may safely choose to have another injection. Thereafter you can continue with to have the treatment administered whenever necessary. Typically you may have an injection every 4-6 months.

Is OSTENIL® PLUS available on the NHS?

Yes, it is but only in some areas. A google search might help to identify if your clinical commissioning group (CCG) pays for ostenil injections. Unfortunately, due to cost restrictions, many CCGs will not pay for ostenil and so the patient would need to cover the cost personally. 

Does OSTENIL® PLUS have any side effects?

Ostenil® Plus has been extensively tested and has not been found to cause any serious side effects, plus it contains no animal proteins, so is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.

Is OSTENIL® PLUS suitable for vegetarians?

The treatment contains no animal proteins and so is suitable for vegetarians.

When will I notice the effects of OSTENIL® PLUS?

It is unlikely you will notice the benefits of the treatment straight away, but you should gradually begin to feel a reduction in pain and stiffness over the following few weeks.

How long will the effects of the OSTENIL® PLUS injection last?

The improvement of your symptoms should last for several months.

How much does OSTENIL® PLUS cost?

Ostenil® Plus costs £200 per injection. That includes the hyaluronic acid being injected, and the consultation charge with the physiotherapist.