How long does a SINOGEL injection last?

The beneficial effects of a SINOGEL injection last about six months. Some sources state that the peak effect is around the 8-week mark, although many people get good resolution for the full six months. Occasionally people report longer benefits, lasting up to 9-months. However, in most cases, 6-months is about right.

Compared to a steroid injection, the symptom relief is longer. With a steroid, we often expect pain relief for up to 3-months.

The hyaluronic acid is gradually worn down and excreted, and the chondroitin is absorbed by the cartilage, so the procedure needs to be repeated every 6-months, and many people come back every few months to get the procedure repeated as they do find significant benefits with hyaluronic acid injections.

The majority of patients come to see us with knee arthritis. Their ages typically range from 45-70, although of course we see patients older and younger. Most people want to put off having knee surgery, and many are told they need a knee replacement, or have severe arthritis. Having knee surgery is a big decision, and most people wait for the right window to have the operation. Knee surgery needs significant rehabilitation and for those still working, time off work. Rehab for a total knee replacement can be up to one year. For this reason, people find that hyaluronic acid and chondroitin injections keep them going until they are ready for the window to get the surgery done. In some cases, this could be years.

Should you have knee surgery? It depends. We recommend you try everything first, physiotherapy, injections, osteopathy, strengthening exercises, and self-management. But if you have tried everything and nothing works, then of course knee surgery might be the next step. However, managing using a lubricant like SINOGEL is a great way to keep going.

SINOGEL injections cost £549 including the consultation. Contact us now if you have any further questions, or book in at either our Selsdon clinic in south London or our Milestone House clinic in Farnborough, Hampshire. You can call us on 020 8651 3315 to book an appointment in Croydon, or 020 8685 6930 for an appointment in Farnborough.

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