How much does a SINOGEL injection cost?

The cost of a single SINOGEL injection, including the consultation with one of our specialist clinical team, is £549.

This may seem expensive, but the product is extremely well made, and a high-quality product. If you want the best quality, then the prices tend to be high. The question is, does the cost weigh up the benefits of having the injection? We think that every patient should go through shared decision making to establish this, but many people will justify the cost. If you find you can walk better, bend your knee better, sleep better, and get less pain for a few months, many people will say it’s worth it. However, DYOR (do your own research) and make sure you are happy with the decision you are making.

Let's compare the SINOGEL cost to a steroid and Ostenil Plus. In comparison, a steroid injection costs £140, and an Ostenil Plus injection costs £220. However, SINOGEL contains more hyaluronic acid than Ostenil Plus, and also contains chondroitin which goes directly onto the cartilage. Ostenil Plus is still a great product though, and we’ve been using it for years successfully.

In terms of safety and efficacy, studies indicate promising results for SINOGEL injections in providing relief for joint conditions like knee osteoarthritis. However, the decision on whether SINOGEL is good value would depend on individual health needs, treatment goals, and consultation with a healthcare provider to assess its suitability for specific conditions.

SINOGEL injections cost £549 including the consultation. Contact us now if you have any further questions, or book in at either our Selsdon clinic in south London or our Milestone House clinic in Farnborough, Hampshire. You can call us on 020 8651 3315 to book an appointment in Croydon, or 020 8685 6930 for an appointment in Farnborough.

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