Top 5 Exercise Band Exercises for your Hips

Strengthening your hips is important for overall leg strength, and also for injury rehabilitation. Not only do strong hips help you perform everyday activities with ease and reduce your risk of injury, but they can also help improve your walking and running.

The hip joint is a robust ball and socket joint that bears the majority of your body weight. They permit humans to conduct fundamental actions such as walking, running, jumping, and squatting. You can increase your overall performance and lower your risk of injury by strengthening your hips.

Some therapists believe that having stronger hips can aid with posture improvement. They claim that weak hip muscles can produce an abnormal curvature in the lower back by causing the hips to twist inward. This can result in lower back and hip discomfort. Hip strengthening can assist maintain a neutral spine position and prevent back pain. However, posture is a topical point of contention among the physiotherapy profession so many do not subscribe to these claims.

Nevertheless, having stronger hips should improve your coordination and balance. Weak hip muscles might lead you to lose your balance, making it harder to execute common tasks like running or climbing stairs. Hip strengthening can help you maintain balance and enhance your coordination.

Exercise band exercises can also help with improving your hip range of movement. As we age, our hips tend to get stiffer, and both the joint and muscle stiffness can make it difficult to conduct daily tasks. By using band exercises for your hips, you can improve your mobility and range of motion.

The most common hip condition is osteoarthritis, and this is particularly common in the over 70s. Years of ageing causes our cartilage to gradually degenerate, and this can lead to excess bone laid down around the hip joint. This causes stiffness, and can be improved with exercise band mobility exercises.

Lastly, strengthening the hips helps lessen the likelihood of injury. Weak hip muscles can create hip instability, putting you more susceptible to injury. Hip stability can be improved by strengthening the hips, hence reducing the chance of injury.

Let’s look at our top five picks for hip band exercises:

Repeat each exercise for 10 to 12 reps, and perform the exercise one to two times per day. Stop if you get any pain and consult a physio or osteopath.

1. Iliopsoas March

Lie flat on your back with an exercise band around your ankles. Flex your hip by pulling your leg towards your chest with your knee bent. This is a strengthening exercise for the hip flexor muscle group.

2. Hip Flexion with Band

With an exercise band secured around your ankle, and the other end anchored to a fixed object behind you, move the leg forwards to create resistance in the band. This exercise will strengthen the hip flexor muscles, but also improve the balance and stability of your other leg.

3. Clam with Band

Lie on your side, with both knees bent, and place an exercise band around your thighs just above your knees. Keeping your feet together, squeeze your deep abdominal muscles by drawing the belly button inwards. Open your knees, like a clam, hold, and return to the start position. If you find the exercise too tough, go back to the clam without resistance, or lengthen the exercise band. This is a good strengthening exercise for your gluteal (buttock) and outer thigh and hip muscles.

4. Hip Abduction with Band

With an exercise band secured around your ankle, and the other end anchored to a fixed object to your side, move your straight leg (abduct) away from your body to create resistance in the band. This exercise predominantly strengthens your outer hip and gluteal (buttock) muscles, but also improves balance on your opposite leg.

5. Hip Internal Rotation with Band

Tie one end of an exercise band to a sturdy object, and the other end around your ankle. Pull your ankle inwards as your upper leg turns outwards. Repeat as required. This is a strengthening exercise for your hip.

In conclusion, strengthening your hips is an essential component of any exercise regimen. This can assist improve your posture, balance, and mobility, as well as lower your injury risk. Include squats, lunges, hip bridges, and side planks in your regimen to strengthen your hips and enhance your overall strength and mobility.

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