Top 5 Reasons to Start Reformer Pilates

People participate in Reformer Pilates for a variety of reasons, drawn by its unique blend of strength, flexibility, and low-impact exercises. The reformer machine is a fantastic and versatile platform for enhancing core strength, improving posture, and increasing overall body control and awareness. The reformer is a system of springs and pulleys; this helps provide the right level of resistance that helps in toning and strengthening muscles, leading to a leaner, more balanced physique. Additionally, Reformer Pilates is accessible to a wide range of individuals, from fitness beginners to competitive athletes, as it can be tailored to different levels of ability and rehabilitation or fitness goals. The first time I came across a Reformer Pilates machine that was used with elite athletes was at the London Olympics, where we had a Reformer in the physiotherapy and rehabilitation room in the polyclinic, for use by athletes.

The emphasis on controlled, mindful movements fosters a deep connection between mind and body, promoting mental clarity and stress reduction. This holistic approach to fitness not only cultivates physical strength and flexibility but also contributes to overall well-being, making it a popular choice for those seeking a comprehensive exercise regimen.

1. Injury Prevention and Improved Posture

Reformer Pilates is a fantastic way to improve and maintain overall fitness by working on your strength, mobility, balance and flexibility which can all lead to an improvement is how you move and your overall posture day to day. We can prevent injuries if we use our body more efficiently from day to day.

A woman doing Reformer Pilates

2. A Great Rehabilitation Tool

Reformer Pilates is an excellent form of exercise while rehabilitating from an injury. The reformer could be viewed like a ‘walking stick’ which aids the body to stay mobile but offloading areas that need to recover. When lying on your back on the carriage, the straps and springs offer resistance in a controlled way which means you can strength train without weight bearing. Physiotherapists and osteopaths work alongside our reformer teachers to offer the best care for our patients. At the recommended clinic for Reformer Pilates in Croydon, all clinicians and instructors are linked together.

A woman doing Reformer Pilates

3. A Full Body Workout

Reformer Pilates is a full body workout strengthening all the muscles in the body including the small stabilising ones. This is done by using the unique design of resistance from the springs and the body’s own weight while perfoming controlled exercises. This can really highlight imbalances in the body and therefore help correct them!

4. Getting a Strong and Lean Body

The reformer machine helps to strengthen muscles through larger ranges of motion which would be hard to do just with weights alone. The Glutes and core muscles are worked in many exercises with the use of the straps and the sprung carriage. Having strength in both these areas of the body can help strengthen and support your back.

5. Benefits to your Mood and Mental Health

Reformer Pilates has undeniable benefits to our physical body, but that’s not all. The mood boosting impact of Pilates exercise can have a positive effect on your mental health too. When exercising we switch off our stress hormones and put our ‘to do list’ and underlying worries outside just long enough to boost endorphins in the body and improve our mood. The concentration and breath work have a huge part to play in why reformer Pilates is such a positive form of exercise for mental health.


Introducing regular reformer Pilates into your fitness routine has so many benefits, and like so many people already, you will no doubt get hooked! We have lots of classes at various ability levels available throughout the week with instructors at Back In Shape Starting with a one-to-one session or enrolling onto a beginner’s class will get you confident with the reformer and how it works. You call Back in Shape Croydon directly on: 0208 655 1664

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