Top 5 Shoulder Surgeons in London

When choosing the best shoulder surgeon, expertise, experience, and reputation are crucial factors. It is not merely a matter of who is the most popular or well-known, but rather of who can provide the best care based on your specific needs.

Having working in London for 20+ years, I’ve come across the good, the bad and the ugly. I really believe that a strong recommendation goes a long way. So I’ve created a list of my top 5 shoulder surgeons in London.

Why, as physios, are we well placed to recommend? Simple, we have to rehabilitate the patients after surgery. The last thing we want is for patients to have bad surgeries, it’s an absolute nightmare for us. We much prefer it when surgery goes well.

Here are important factors to consider:

1. Experience and Specialisation

Shoulder surgery requires a surgeon with extensive experience. Surgeons with many years of experience can diagnose and treat a variety of shoulder conditions due to their extensive knowledge and skill set. If you are looking for a consultant with specialisms, and some surgeons may not do all the shoulder procedures.

2. Reputation

Additionally, a surgeon's reputation can provide insight into their level of skill. Consider physicians who are well-respected by their colleagues, especially by physiotherapists. Good surgeons are not necessarily the ones titled “Professor” or ones who have published research in reputable medical journals. Patient testimony and professional endorsement is key.

3. Patient Feedback

Consider the surgeon's interaction with patients and their communication style. They should be able to explain complex medical information in a manner that patients can comprehend and make them feel comfortable and respected.

4. Location

No, being in Harley Street does not mean they are the best. There are incredibly talented surgeons in many areas, not just in Harley Street.

So let’s look at our Top 5 Shoulder Surgeons:

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1. Michael Kotrba

Having referred patients to Michael since 2005, I feel very comfortable to trust my life with him. He is incredibly delicate and light touch. That’s good. You want someone with careful hands. Michael won’t do shoulder replacements, but he will do the most common form of shoulder surgery: shoulder decompression. He also performs rotator cuff repair. Michael is located at Shirley Oaks Hospital, and St. Anthony’s Hospital.

2. Duncan Tennant

Duncan is a talented surgeon. He first caught my eye many years ago having successfully operated on several of our patients. He has a very good reputation in London, and is based at St. George’s Hospital, as well as The Cleveland Clinic.

3. Tony Kochhar

Tony is a very smart surgeon with a large range of tools in his tool box. Known for his specialisation in shoulder, elbow, and upper limb surgery, Professor Kochhar has worked at several well-known hospitals and clinics in London, including the London Bridge Hospital and the BMI Blackheath Hospital.

4. To be confirmed – think you could make our top 5? Send us an email to tim at with your experience and 5 real patient testimonials, and let’s arrange a video call.

5. To be confirmed – think you could make our top 5? Send us an email to tim at with your experience and 5 real patient testimonials, and let’s arrange a video call.

Keep in mind that the best surgeon for you will depend on your particular condition, the type of treatment you require, and your personal preferences. It is essential to take the time to locate a surgeon who meets all your needs and inspires confidence in your care.

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