Rehab My Patient - The Best Exercise Prescription Tool

At Surrey Physio, we use a very good tool called Rehab My Patient for exercise prescription. RMP allows us to send bespoke exercise programmes to patients via email and printed in colour. We've been sending physiotherapy exercise plans using Rehab My Patient since 2011.

Rehab My Patient exercise programmes are high-quality images and HD videos with clear descriptions and prompts to advise how to do an exercise. If the exercise is difficult, we will of course show you how to do it as well. However, putting the exercises onto a PDF or emailing them to you also serves as a good reminder on exactly how to do the exercise using good technique, and advises the number of times to do that exercise.

We have a data-sharing agreement with Rehab My Patient, and we input your first name, last name and email address on there with the purpose to assist your rehabilitation. RMP has a 5-star security rating and is protected by Cloud Flare and Digital Ocean and will never share your details with a third party, and their servers are based in the UK so they are governed by the General Data Protection Regulation (2018). For more information, you can go to .

We use RMP across every site via a multi-clinic option so wherever you see us, you can receive access to this valuable resource. Rehab My Patient also integrates into our own clinical management software, so we can directly access and link your exercise plans to our software making things simple and easy for our team of physiotherapists and osteopaths.

Rehab My Patient

For more information go to or watch this video that might give a better insight into how we work: