Top 5 Knee Surgeons in London

When faced with persistent knee pain, reduced mobility, or a serious knee injury, the first thing most patients do is to see their GP or come straight to us for physiotherapy. In many cases, the GP will prescribe medication or refer you. If you come direct to physiotherapy, we will examine and treat your knee using a variety of methods from manual therapy, to injections, to aspirations, to acupuncture, and rehabilitation.

Sometimes patients come to see us and the knee is just too far gone. We can tell by our examination that the knee may either be badly osteoarthritic, or have internal derangement or damage that just cannot be addressed through manual therapy.

Knee surgeons are orthopedic specialists whose expertise revolves around diagnosing and treating conditions affecting the knee joint and surrounding structures. Their extensive knowledge, combined with the latest surgical advancements, offers patients a chance at improved quality of life through surgical intervention. The benefits can include getting an expert diagnosis (usually in conjunction with imaging/MRI), a comprehensive list of possible treatment options, personalised care, and latest advancement in surgical treatment techniques. We’ll cover these things towards the end of the article.

Our Top 5 Knee Surgeons in London

Bobby Annand

Mr Bobby Anand is a super-nice guy, leading knee specialist in the UK with an international reputation in knee surgery. He works at Shirley Oaks Hospital, among others.

He graduated from UCL medical school in London and also completed a degree in Orthopaedic Science during medical training. His specialist orthopaedic training took place in Cambridge and London. His love of sport led him to develop his interest in knee surgery and sports injuries very early on in his career. He enhanced his training by completing four top fellowships in knee surgery.

Bobby operated on our Group Manager for a half-knee replacement, and we provided all of the rehabilitation (of course) and she did very well to make a full recovery with significantly improved quality of life.

Bobby works at Shirley Oaks Hospital, in South London.

Arj Imbuldeniya

You probabably realise by now that we not only list highly skilled consultants, but we list the really nice ones too. Arj is a warm, friendly, orthopaedic expert with a special interest in robotics for knee and hip replacements.

Dr Arj Imbuldeniya treats people suffering with knee or hip pain and instability, either from injury or long-term conditions like arthritis. He graduated as a medical doctor in 2001 from St Bartholomew's Hospital and started orthopaedic training in 2008 at Imperial College London and surrounding London teaching hospitals. He has a Masters level degree in Global Health Policy and has helped deliver high quality, cost effective orthopaedic care overseas in lower income countries such as Iraq, Kenya, Uganda and Sri Lanka.

Arj has trained under the supervision of world renowned surgeons in London, Sydney and Barcelona prior to being appointed by the Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust as a Consultant Knee, Hip & Trauma Surgeon in 2015. Outside of work he loves being a father to his 3 children, is a keen footballer, reluctant runner and long suffering Brentford FC fan.

If you need a great knee surgeon in West London, please consider having a consultation with Arj. He works at Circle Syon clinic, and HCA Chiswick Diagnostic Centre, but he also operates at The Lister Hospital in Chelsea, and the Clementine Hospital in Harrow. You can contact his Practice Manager Annie on info @, go to or call his secretary Kelly on 0207 859 4016.

Jonathan Bell

Jonathan is an expert, and lovely guy who really is at the cutting edge of surgery. Graduating in 1987 from the University of London, Jonathan Bell trained at a number of teaching hospitals in the UK and abroad, including Middlesex, Barts, Great Ormond Street and St George’s.

Jonathan is an expert in advanced joint preservation and joint replacement techniques. Basically, if you need a knee replacement, he is a solid recommendation. With his research dedicated to minimally invasive techniques, he is also vastly experienced with arthroscopic surgery and reconstruction of ligament injuries.

Jonathan works at Wimbledon Clinics in South-West London.

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5. Not Filled Yet – if you are a knee surgeon and want to fill this slot, please email tim at

When to see a Knee Surgeon

It can be hard to know, when is the right time for me to see a knee surgeon. The first thing to ask yourself is, is your knee pain playing a significantly negative impact on your daily life? Are you having difficulty walking up and down stairs, are you having difficulty getting in and out of a car? Is walking becoming a regular limp, and does having knee pain prevent you from exercising. When your daily life is affected, you need to get medical help. The first-place people come is often for physiotherapy, however, sometimes we realise that knee's need surgery. Of course, we will try treatment, acupuncture, ultrasound, LASER, shockwave and manual therapy. We'll prescribe you exercises too. However, sometimes there is a mechanical issue that needs surgical intervention. Other times when a knee consultant is the best person to see is when you have a knee deformity, severe injury such as a ruptured ligament (ACL, PCL, MCL, or LCL), advanced osteoarthritis, or you just need a second but high-level opinion. This is when you need to see a knee surgeon, and the list of surgeons above are all trusted colleagues of ours at Surrey Physio.

What is the most commonly asked Question of a Knee Surgeon?

Answer: “How long will it take to recover?” This question, in our experience, is the most commonly asked by patients with knee pain. Almost everyone is keen to know about the duration of the recovery period, what the rehab process will involve, the level of pain they might experience, and when they can return to their normal activities, including work and sports. Understanding the recovery timeline helps patients manage their expectations and plan accordingly for their post-surgery period. The answer is, it depends. It depends on your commitment to rehabilitation, your current state of health (e.g. if you have any other underlying conditions that could slow recovery), your body’s immune health, your own psychology, your weight, and a number of other smaller contributing factors. As a general rule, knee replacements will take up to one-year to recover (but add years of good health to your life), and ACL repairs take between nine-months and one-year.

Benefits of Seeing a Knee Surgeon

Expert Diagnosis: A knee surgeon brings years of specialised training and hands-on experience to the table. They are equipped to accurately diagnose your knee problem, whether it's due to injury, overuse, disease, or age-related degeneration. They see knees all day every day.

Comprehensive Treatment Options: Knee surgeons provide a broad spectrum of treatment options ranging from conservative management strategies to advanced surgical interventions. Conservative treatment is where physios and osteopaths come in, and might involve manual therapy, lifestyle changes, and rehab. However, when these measures are insufficient, a knee surgeon can offer minimally invasive procedures such as arthroscopy, or more significant surgeries like partial or total knee replacements.

Personalised Care: A knee surgeon works with you to develop a personalised treatment plan that takes into account your specific condition, lifestyle, and health goals. This individualised approach ensures the chosen treatment aligns with your needs and expectations, increasing the chance of a successful outcome.

Access to the Latest Techniques and Technology: Knee surgeons are often at the forefront of orthopedic research and innovation. They employ the latest techniques and technologies in their practice, such as robotic-assisted surgery, 3D printing of implants, or computer-assisted navigation. These advances can lead to improved surgical outcomes, less invasive procedures, quicker recovery times, and enhanced durability of implants.

Pain Management and Improved Quality of Life: Chronic knee pain can severely impact your day-to-day activities and overall quality of life. Knee surgeons can offer solutions to reduce or eliminate this pain, improve your mobility, and allow you to return to your regular activities or even recreational sports.

What things will Knee Surgeons Not Tell You?

They probably won’t give you much advice on rehabilitation. That’s because they tend to leave this to us guys!

In conclusion, the expertise of a knee surgeon is essential if you are looking for knee surgery. Even if you are planning to go via the NHS, we strongly recommend meeting your knee surgeon privately first. It's always advisable to consult with a knee surgeon if you're experiencing ongoing knee issues that do not improve with conservative treatment measures. If you do see one of the knee surgeons on this page, please do us a favour and say you saw them from Surrey Physio.

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If you are a patient, in pain, or suffering with knee issues please call us to discuss your case further. Surrey Physio have an amazing team of therapists to help you recover from pain, and get you back to living a normal life. Call us on 0208 685 6930 or click the link at the top to book online. If you see one of the surgeons on this page, please mention Surrey Physio to them – thank you).