Top 5 Exercise Band Exercises for your Ankles

Ankles can be problematic, usually following an ankle sprain. When ligaments are torn, you can be left with ankle weakness and instability. Ankle instability is a frequent and painful condition that affects many people. It can cause increased movement and poor balance issues. This is particularly problematic for the older generations who are prone to falls. Here are some reasons why ankle instability should be taken seriously.

  • Pain & Discomfort: Ankle instability can cause considerable pain and discomfort whether walking, running, or engaging in other activities. This can make it difficult to participate in physical activities or even simple tasks like walking.
  • Instability of the ankle can cause too much movement at the joint, leading to weakness and balance issues, and leaving you prone to falls.
  • Injury Risk: Individuals with ankle instability have an elevated injury risk. Due to their instability, individuals are more susceptible to twist or sprain their ankles. This can result in fractures and ligament damage.
  • Increased Risk of Arthritis. Instability of the ankle might increase the likelihood of developing arthritis in the joint. This can be painful and cause foot issues further down the line.

Ankles need to be strong. They are key for balance and our ability to stay upright. If ankles are weak, it can leave you prone to falls. Exercises and treatment of ankle instability is necessary to prevent stabilise the ankle. Rehab therapy, bracing, or even surgery may be employed in the course of treatment. But ultimately, you need to strengthen your ankles.

Here are our five top exercise band ankle exercises:

Repeat each exercise for 10 to 12 reps, and perform the exercise one to two times per day. Stop if you get any pain and consult a physio or osteopath.

1. Resisted Plantar Flexion with Band

Sit on the floor with your leg out straight. Place an exercise band around the ball of your foot, hold on to it with both hands, and push away creating resistance in the band. This exercise will help strengthen the calf muscle, and other muscles around the lower leg and ankle. It will also help improve circulation to your lower leg.

2. Resisted Dorsiflexion with Band

Wrap an exercise band around the top of your foot, and anchor the band. Sit down or lie down on the floor. Bring your toes towards your shin, against the resistance of the band, and repeat. You can also hold a stretch to the calf muscle.

3. Ankle Inversion with Band

Tie an exercise band around a stable object. Wrap the other end around the inside of your foot. Move your foot inwards and upwards against the resistance of the band. This is a strengthening exercise for the ankle.

4. Ankle Eversion with Band

Tie an exercise band around a stable object, and tie the other end around the outside of your foot. Move your foot outwards and upwards against the resistance of the band. This is a strengthening exercise for your ankle.

5. MWM on Step with Band

Secure a band around a sturdy object and wrap it around your ankle. Place your foot on a step. Rock forward over your foot to bend your ankle, and return to the start position. This is a mobilisation for your ankle.

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