Rehabilitation is a form of treatment used to educate a patient so they can safely return to sport, work or leisure activities and enhance their sporting performance. Surrey Physio has a Pilates / Rehab studio used solely for this purpose. We use other equipment in our studio such as: wobble boards, Swiss balls, steps, weights, biofeedback machine, gait scanners, and other rehab equipment. Physios use a variety of techniques to rehabilitate their patients and all exercise programmes are personalised. Our clinicians also work closely with the in-house gym. Patients who have been injured or immobilised for periods of time may be affected by muscle weakness and this is when rehab is used to re-build and strengthen. Surrey Physio encompasses clinical Pilates within their rehabilitation programmes to increase the bodies core stability, (the strengthening of the stomach muscles to increase posture and spinal strength) to assist in the prevention of further problems.

Sports Physiotherapy

Surrey Physio is closely linked with a number of sports centres in Sutton, Croydon and Mitcham and we cannot stress strongly enough the importance of general fitness and well-being in today’s society. Whether you are an elite athlete, a sports enthusiast or merely a spectator, we treat each case individually, and with our full attention. At Surrey Physio, we also treat patients suffering from long-term pain and symptoms. Sports injuries need to be treated swiftly to ensure that no further issues occur. These injuries require exercise rehabilitation, treatment and our undivided attention. We aim to get you back to your former glory as quickly as possible, by taking you through the correct treatment programme. We aim to restore strength, proprioception, flexibility and agility from early stage rehab through to supervised gym / Pilates work to minimise future risk of injury.