Marathon Injury Clinic

Surrey Physio are pleased to treat runners competing or hoping to compete in the London Marathon, Brighton Marathon, or other marathons in the UK and Internationally.

With most of our clinics located around London, we often see a lot of runners seek help for the London Marathon, and we are commonly used as a London Marathon Injury Clinic.

Our physiotherapists have a significant amount of experience treating everyday runners, marathon runners, and elite runners. Our team have looked after some of the top runners in the UK, and we continue to provide regular sports injury treatment to many.

Marathon injuries are incredibly common, and runners get injured a lot. Knee problems are a common cause of running misery, and having run a marathon myself, I was debilitated for a few months with knee pain, and limped the last 3 miles of the London Marathon some years ago.

For the 2023 London Marathon, our Clinical Director was asked to be the Lead Physiotherapist for the London Marathon course, and Surrey Physio sent 21 of our team to volunteer for the London Marathon. This included course physiotherapists, race control “sweeper bus” convoy physios, and finish-line physios. We also had 6 station lead physios.

If you need Marathon care, sports massage or advice, please call us on 0208 685 6930.

London Marathon 2023

The 2023 TCS London Marathon was a fantastic event. We saw 48000 runners, a record for the London Marathon, and our team had several hundred physiotherapy encounters with problems ranging from stress fractures to cramp. Fortunately, our team did not have to deal with any serious injuries so we are grateful for that.

Thank you to Anum, Avni, Daksha, Damith, Dimitra, Felix, Simran, Jade, Lachie, Lily, Mahima, Meha, Monica, Fiaz, Nitha, Shreya, Stavvie, Sue, Sev, Tayla and Tim for your hard work.

London Marathon 2022

12 Physiotherapists from the Surrey Physio team volunteered for the London Marathon. They included Daksha, Federica, Javeria, Tim, Tavinder, Tayla, Sue-Ellen, Bijesh, Komal, Damith, Shreya, and Sev. Three of our team were also station leads.

London Marathon 2021

Several physiotherapists from Surrey Physio volunteered for the London Marathon including Lilla, Adrian, Sue-Ellen, and Sev. Tim, our Lead also enjoyed getting around the course to see the Surrey Physio team.