Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement

Patients and the public are at the heart of everything we do at Surrey Physio. It is important that patients have a say in their own care, but patient involvement also helps us to shape services better for everybody.

PPIE is about building partnerships with patients. It’s about working together with people who need our care. We want to listen to you, respond to your feedback, and support you better. We want to learn from your feedback and support other patients better.

At Surrey Physio, we really do try hard to support patients. There are a number of things we do:

  • We attend Patient Participation Groups at local GP surgeries.
  • We engage with patients via patient surveys.
  • We seek feedback on our care by using Patient Reported Outcome Measures.
  • We provide Friends and Family feedback questionnaires.
  • We invite patients to volunteer to be part of our workstreams and meetings.

Staff Training:

  • All of our staff are trained in personalised care and support planning.
  • All of our staff are trained in shared-decision making.
  • All of our staff are trained in core skills, including communication and empathy.

Why do we do PPIE?

At Surrey Physio, we want to have a great culture and ethos. We always strive to provide quality care, and you will see that from our very good feedback that we receive. You can head to our testimonials page to see more.

We also want to break down barriers. This is not a traditional medical “do as I say” approach with patients, but instead we want to involve patients in their care. While we may be medically trained and our team are highly qualified, we believe you are “Experts by Experience”.

Seeking patient feedback is key to us providing great care, and helping more people. It is also about promoting equality and addressing health inequalities. These are core to our values.

Our Approach and Strategy:

  • We promote a Plan, Do, Study, Act approach to best listen to you.
  • We will try to reach out to people rather than expecting them to come to us.
  • We’ll promote equality and diversity.
  • Seek patients with health inequalities and poor health outcomes.
  • Value people’s experience.
  • Provide clear and easy to understand information.
  • Take time to involve people as early as possible.
  • Be open, honest and transparent in how we work.
  • Invest in partnerships and collaboration with patient groups.
  • Run a managerial team of compassionate leaders.
  • Learn from reviews and feedback.
  • Show patients how they are valued.

If you feel we can do better, please email our team. If you want to fill out a feedback form, please go to

Thank you for being you.