Osteopathy in Croydon

If you are looking for an osteopath in Croydon, why not consider seeing one of our excellent osteopaths?

At Surrey Physio our osteopaths and physiotherapists work closely together sharing expertise and knowledge from each other. As local as you can get, we have locations at the following Croydon clinics:
• Selsdon House, 1 Upper Selsdon Rd, CR2 8DD
• 2 Coleridge Avenue, Carshalton, SM1 3RQ
• Mitcham Physio, 409-411 London Rd, Mitcham, CR4 4BG

When you see one of our team, you can be assured of a very high quality treatment, being treated as an individual, seeing an expert, and coming to a friendly environment.

Meet Our Osteopathic Team

But how do osteopaths work? The first thing that will happen is that you will be assessed and a case history will be taken. Your osteopath may ask you questions about your medical history, any medication you are taking, previous injuries, and more detail about your presenting problem. They will then do a physical examination to work out a diagnosis, and where the problem may be coming from.

The diagnosis will be explained, and treatment will commence. All of our team of osteopaths will attempt to cure the problem in the shortest possible time. We want you up and running as quickly as possible so hopefully you will tell your friends what a great service we offer.

Osteopathy is very affordable at Surrey Physio costing just £45 per session. The first appointment lasts thirty minutes, and subsequent appointments are thirty minutes too.

All of our osteopaths are structural, so we do techniques like massage, articulation, and gentle manipulation (if requested). If you are looking for a heavy treatment, you will need to specifically request this to your osteopath as we generally do not go too heavy on our patients. We can also provide cranial osteopathy (Kay), and Pilates one-to-one (Niamh and Kay). Both Niamh and Kay also have a special interest treating pregnant ladies, and post-pregnancy. Kay also treats children of any age.

Please do consider seeing our expert and friendly team!

Call us on 0208 651 3315 for an appointment, or email us [email protected].