Top 5 Exercise Band Exercises for your Fingers and Thumb

Fingers and thumbs can be problematic when it comes to pain, injury and weakness. They are prone to overuse conditions, such as tendonitis (or what we call tendinopathy) and they also suffer badly with arthritis (both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis).

Hand exercises develop the muscles in the hands and wrists, enabling them to give greater support for daily activities. Improved grip strength can assist with tasks such as opening jars, carrying groceries, and typing when the muscles in the hands are more robust. In addition to reducing the chance of getting tendinopathy, which can be caused by repetitive usage of the hands, improved grip strength can also lessen the likelihood of developing conditions trigger finger.

We also see older patients who have impaired grip strength following brain injury or a stroke. This affects the ability to use the hands and fingers that will exhibit signs of either clawing, contracture, or weakness. Thus, exercises become an important rehabilitation tool post-stroke.

Basically, strengthening your hands is a good thing to do. There are many times when we need good grip strength, and as we age, our hands tend to get weaker.

Let’s look at our top five exercise band exercises for the fingers and thumb.

Repeat each exercise for 10 to 12 reps, and perform the exercise one to two times per day. Stop if you get any pain and consult a physio or osteopath.

1. Thumb Extension with Band

Place an elastic band or piece of exercise band around your thumb and hold the other end. Pull your thumb backwards against the resistance. Relax, and repeat.

2. Abductor Pollicis Brevis with Band

Place your hand in front of you, and cut a thin strip of exercise band. Tie the band around your thumb and hold the opposite end with your other hand. Move your thumb away from your fingers to abduct the thumb. The band will provide resistance to strengthen the abductor Pollicis longus.

3. Abductor Digiti Minimi with Band

To strengthen your abductor digiti minimi, cut a piece of exercise band into a small strip. Hold your hand in front of you, and tie the end of the band around your little finger. Hold the other end of the band. Try to move your little finger away from your other fingers to create tension in the band. Return to the start position. Keep the movement smooth and controlled and do not apply so much resistance that the movement becomes strained or jerky.

4. Finger Extension with Band

Place a band around your fingers with your finger pads facing towards you. Extend your fingers against the resistance of the band. This is a strengthening exercise for the fingers.

5. Thumb Flexion with Band

With your palm facing inwards, wrap an elastic band around the tip of your thumb. With your free hand hold the other end of the band. Move your thumb downwards against the resistance of the band. This exercise will help strengthen your thumb.

Maintaining good hand and fingers strength is a key part of allowing us to grip, and becomes even more important as we age. Using bands for strengthening exercises can help maintain and improve grip strength.

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