Knee Pain

Knee pain can derive from many areas for example, the knee cap (known as the patella), the quadriceps muscles, the patella tendon and arthritis of the knee joint itself. Other sources of knee pain could be the hip joint or even your back if a nerve is involved. It is important, therefore, that a thorough assessment is carried out to ensure the correct diagnosis is made.

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We work to treat your problem using conservative methods.

Here are some great knee exercises you can do right now:

Exercise 1 – Knee Flexion

Slide your heel towards your bottom. Go as far as feels comfortable, and then return to the start position (with the leg straight). This is a good way to improve mobility to a stiff knee joint. Repeat 10 times, three times per day.

Exercise 2 - Knee Swing Mobilisation

Sit on a high chair or table (slightly on the edge) and let your leg dangle. Bend your knee as far as feels comfortable, then relax. Keep the movement controlled, not too fast. You can also straighten the leg as well. This exercise is especially useful for increasing mobility to a stiff knee. If you don't have a high chair, sit on a sturdy table. Repeat 10 times, and perform the exercise three to five times per day.

If you already have a diagnosis of your knee pain, we have some exercises for specific conditions:

At Surrey Physio, we use to provide you with individual exercise programmes that work for you.