Osteopathy in Sutton

Are you trying to find an osteopath in Sutton? Then check out our team of excellent osteopaths. At Surrey Physio our osteopaths and physiotherapists work closely together sharing expertise and knowledge from each other. As local as you can get, we have locations at the following Sutton clinics: Surrey Physio, 2 Coleridge Ave, Sutton, SM1 3RQ

When you see one of our team, you can be assured of a very high quality treatment, being treated as an individual, seeing an expert, and coming to a friendly environment.

Are you trying to find an osteopath in Sutton? Then check out our team of excellent osteopaths.

Meet Our Osteopathic Team:

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Kay Allardyce

Kay Allardyce is our osteopath in Sutton, and she works at 2 Coleridge Avenue, Carshalton, SM1 3RQ. She is not only a really lovely girl, but she is a brilliant structural osteopath. Kay is also a Pilates instructor and runs Pilates classes in Carshalton / Sutton.
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Steve Cole

Steve is an experienced osteopath who graduated from The British School of Osteopathy in 2005 with distinction. Since graduating Steve has worked at a number of well established clinics both locally and in the city and is now establishing his own practice here at Surrey Physio.

An osteopath will look at your body in a holistic way, to work out the cause of your pain. Osteopaths believe that everything in the body is there for a reason, and is underpinned by three philosophies: 1) Structure governs function (meaning that the structure of the body is there for a purpose, for a function). 2) The rule of the artery is supreme – if we normalise blood flow in the body, we will stimulate healing as blood delivers oxygen and metabolites necessary for cell repair. 3) The body produces its own medicines, and is capable of self-healing if given the right conditions.

During your first treatment we will take a case history. This involves asking you questions about how your injury/pain occurred, when it occurred, which things make it worse, and which things make it better. We will also ask you about sports, work and hobbies that you do that might affect your condition. We will also ask about your previous medical history, such as serious illnesses, or previous similar problems. After this, we will do a physical examination. This includes looking at your muscles and bone structure, posture, and checking your range of movement. We might ask you to bend, side-bend, or rotate to check how mobile your joints are. We will also palpate your muscles to determine how tight they are.

Once the examination is complete, we will discuss with you what the diagnosis is, and how the condition is most effectively treated. Assuming that no further tests or examinations are required, treatment will then commence, and usually involves manual hands-on therapy.

Please do consider seeing our expert and friendly team!

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