Accessible Information Standard

At Surrey Physio, we want to make our information as accessible as possible. If you or someone you know suffers from a disability, we will do our best to help. We are taking steps to provide as much of our information in an accessible format.

Some of the things we are doing to help:

  1. Identification of needs: we’ll do our best to identify what communication/information needs you may have relating to a disability or sensory loss.
  2. Electronic notes: we record our notes in electronic format, so if you require a copy, we can print them for you. We are also willing to provide a transcript of medical notes or letters for you.
  3. Information, advice, and guidance: we are happy to provide any information, advice or guidance in large print, or transcribed onto digital media (mp4) file. We can also send information via email or SMS.
  4. Flagging needs: We’ll make sure that your needs are properly and visibly recorded on our patient record so that we can help you better now and in the future.
  5. Sharing needs: with your permission, we’ll let other medical professionals know about any disability or accessibility requirements. We’ll also discuss any problems you may have at work with your employer, and assist with recommending workplace changes.

We’ll also:

  1. Provide you with high-definition videos of exercises with voiceover so you can watch or listen to your exercise plan. This is provided by
  2. Provide exercises in a large and clear font, and images in a larger size so you can see the exercise programme better.
  3. Assist you with home adjustments and recommendations to make supporting yourself at home easier.
  4. Assist you with workplace adjustments and recommendations, or write to your employer.
  5. Provide you with accessible locations to have treatment, or if we are unable to, we’ll offer you a home visit.
  6. Carry your bags, or assist you in getting into our premises or treatment rooms if required.

We believe that the information that we provide you is clear and in a format that you understand.

If you require any information or leaflets to be provided to you in a different format, please let any of the Surrey Physio staff know.