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To book an appointment you can Book Online right now at or call us directly on 0208 685 6930. We are available to take bookings from 8am – 6pm Monday to Thursday, 9am – 4pm Fridays and 9am – 1pm Saturdays or you can email us: [email protected].
We will respond via e-mail or telephone, as soon as possible, advising you of our availability.


Initial Consultation: £45.00 (30 minutes)
Subsequent Treatments: £45.00 (30 minutes)


Initial Consultation: £45.00 (30 minutes)
Subsequent Treatments: £45.00 (30 minutes)


1:1 £70.00 (1 hour)
7 Max :1 class = £15.00 (1 hour)


Initial Consultation + Treatment: £65.00 (20 minutes)


Consultation + Steroid Injection: £140.00 per joint

Ostenil Injection

Consultation + Ostenil Injection: £210.00 per joint

Back and Core Strengthening

8-week One-to-One: £300.00
(30 minutes)

Knee and Hip Strengthening

8-week One-to-One: £300.00
(30 minutes)

Shoulder Strengthening

8-week One-to-One: £300.00
(30 minutes)


Consultation + Aspiration: £120.00

Aspiration and Steroid Injection

Consultation + Aspiration + Steroid: £180.00

Insurance Codes:

BUPA Physio: 80009032
BUPA Osteopathy: 
AXA/PPP Physio: 
ZZ01298 & ZZ01299
AXA/PPP Osteopathy: 
WPA Physio: 
WPA Osteopathy: 

Please note: Your insurance is your responsibility. We cannot be held accountable if your insurance does not pay us. You are always responsible for your cover, so if your insurance does not pay, we will ask you for the payment and you can reclaim it direct from the insurance company. We also require the excess to be paid on the first appointment at Surrey Physio.

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