Disability and Access

At Surrey Physio, we work with people whose physical needs range from those of a professional athlete to significant physical impairment, so it is essential that everyone has equitable access to our services. We understand that ‘disability’ can mean several things, so, our staff are well trained to be empathic and flexible to the support needs of the individual.

We believe it is essential to take a holistic approach to care; treating the individual and not just the symptoms they present with. Our staff will always work in collaboration with our clients to produce personalised treatment goals which fit with their lifestyle and can, therefore, be maintained over time. We believe ‘the client is the expert’ and will always listen and take into account anything which may have worked or not worked in the past. We understand that the extent, range and severity of disability may fluctuate dependant on the place, time and activity so will never make assumptions about what a person needs or wants. Our experienced professionals are trained to make a comprehensive assessment; however, we are flexible to make adjustments as needed.

If you have any form of disability which affects your everyday functionality, please inform a member of our team. Our staff are highly trained to understand and be able to make suggestions (where appropriate) for supporting a range of disabilities. They will do everything in their power to ensure that we enable access to our services by providing the support (including compensatory aid) that is right for you.

Disability can be categorised in a number of different ways;

Types of Disability

  • Visual Impairment

Refers to people who may be blind or partially sighted. At Surrey Physio we cater for guide dogs and our trained staff will put you at ease by talking through every step of the process. We also ensure adequate lighting to help you to feel comfortable.

  • Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Hearing impairments can range from mild to severe; requiring the use of a hearing aid to an interpreter. At Surrey Physio, our patient staff understand how frustrating it can be if you have difficulty communicating and have been trained to be able to offer the right support.

  • Mental Health Conditions

Sometimes referred to as the ‘invisible disability’, mental illness can significantly affect everyday functioning. Ranging from mild to severe forms of schizophrenia or bipolar, to depression and anxiety, here at Surrey Physio we understand the impact mental illness can have on day to day life. That’s why we endeavour to do everything in our power to make our clients feel comfortable. We understand that if you are worried about your appointment, you may have difficulty concentrating, so are happy to take things slowly as needed.

  • Intellectual Disability

A person with an intellectual disability may require support for various activities of daily living such as communication, self-care and personal safety. At Surrey Physio we treat everyone with the same respect that we prefer to be treated with; our staff are always patient and flexible to offer appropriate help and guidance where needed.

  • Acquired Brain Injury

Acquired Brain Injury refers to any type of brain injury received after birth and is common in those who have been in road traffic accidents. Brain injury can be subtle; resulting in mild personality changes only detectable by friends and family or have high impact e.g. affecting speech and motor function. At Surrey Physio, we endeavour to get to know the individual, understanding every client’s distinct needs so we can offer tailored support. We are also considerate of difficulty some clients may have with concentration and memory and are able to provide memory aids such as appointment slips and text reminders, to cater for this.

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism is characterised by impairment in social interaction, communication and behaviour and can range from mild (e.g. Asperger’s syndrome) to severe (non-verbal). Working with autism requires understanding and patience for the things that matter; for example, predictability and non-abstract terms for those with a diagnosis. At Surrey Physio, our staff are trained to be flexible to an individual’s needs to put them at ease as much as possible.

  • Physical Disability

Physical disability refers to anything affecting a person’s physical functioning e.g. mobility, dexterity or stamina. This may include injury, disease or disorder. At Surrey Physio, we understand that people with physical disability are usually the expert of their own needs as they are best placed to understand the full impact of their disability. Our staff, therefore, endeavour to avoid being prescriptive; offering an individualised approach to support by working together with our clients.


How we Ensure Access

At Surrey Physio, we are continuously improving our services to enable access for those with all types of disability. This includes wheelchair ramps and adjusted toilets, as well as large-font signage and the issuing of appointment slips and reminder text messages. If there is anything you feel we could improve on, we would be happy to hear your feedback. Please contact (email address) or inform staff at the reception desk.

Which of Our Sites are Accessible?

By clicking our Clinics https://www.surreyphysio.co.uk/clinics/ page, you can see which of our sites have accessible access. Not all of our sites yet are wheelchair accessible, so we offer alternative nearby locations instead. We are working with our landlords to help to make our clinics as accessible as possible.