Top 5 Exercise Band Exercises for Strengthening your Arms

Numerous activities, such as carrying groceries and lifting weights, require strong arms. Additionally, having strong arms can help you appear more toned, which can increase your confidence. Fortunately, there are a variety of arm-strengthening exercises available and using an exercise band is a great way to do them.

There are many muscles in the arms, but the most commonly exercised are the biceps and triceps. There are upper arm muscles, and they are popular muscles with men. They help provide the toned appearance.

Exercise bands provide a controlled and graduated way to strengthen your arms, and are a great alternative to dumbbells or a barbell, and the exercise band can make the exercises more functional than machines.

Repeat each exercise for 10 to 12 reps, and perform the exercise one to two times per day. Stop if you get any pain and consult a physio or osteopath.

1. Elbow Flexion (Bicep Curl) with Band

Stand on one end of an exercise band, and hold the other end, then bend your elbow. When you reach your end of range, let your elbow return to the start position in a controlled manner. This is a strengthening exercise for the upper arm muscle (Biceps).

2. Hammer Curl Band

Imagine you are holding a hammer (the thumb will point towards the elbow), and bend your elbow while grasping an exercise band. At the end of the movement, return to the start position in a controlled way. This will strengthen an important muscle around the elbow, the brachioradialis.

3. Triceps Curl Extension with Band

Hold an exercise band, and position the other end under your heel. Straighten your arm above your head so that the band is behind you, and then bend your elbow to slacken the band. This exercise predominantly strengthens the Triceps muscle at the back and side of your upper arm.

4. Drawing the Sword with Band

Start with your thumb pointing down, somewhere near your opposite knee, and then lift your arm above your head and to the side. At the top of the movement, your thumb should be pointing upwards (i.e. the arm has turned out). Imagine you are drawing a sword out of its sheath. Return to the start position. This is a great mobility and strengthening exercise for your shoulder.

5. Seated Wide Row with Band

Sit on a Swiss ball or chair, and fix an exercise band to something solid in front of you. Grasp both hands on the end of the exercise band, and pull your elbows behind your body. At the same time, squeeze your shoulder blades together. By performing this exercise, you will strengthen the mid-trapezius and rhomboid muscles situated next to the shoulder blade, to help posture and shoulder blade stability.

These exercises can aid in the development of strong, toned arms. Remember to begin slowly and order heavier/stronger bands as you build up your strength. For optimal benefit, perform these exercises daily.

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