Lorraine Carey

Group Manager | Clinic Mum | The Best Manager Ever

Lorraine Carey

Lorraine is the Surrey Physio Group Practice Manager. We are blessed with her enthusiasm and passion for working in healthcare clinics. Lorraine joined the Surrey Physio team in 2008, and we honour 15 years of her fantastic work. During that time, Lorraine has seen our clinics grow from two small clinics to the group we are today, and she has been fundamental in allowing us to scale up. Lorraine has excellent communication skills, is very caring, efficient, organised, motivated, and is an expert Leader and we affectionately know her as our Clinic Mum (and Clinic Granny to our children!). Lorraine is one-of-a-kind and we are exceptionally lucky to have her leading our team. A true inspiration to all of us, and our dear friend.

Lorraine is a rare breed. The old school. My word is my bond. “If I say I’ll do something, I will do it”. She has been an incredible force in driving Surrey Physio to the incredible heights it has now achieved.

Lorraine is the beacon of leadership at Surrey Physio, and our Group Manager has truly epitomised the definition of an exceptional leader and manager. Her passion and drive have been instrumental in fostering a thriving work culture, focused on patient-centric care and professional growth.

Lorraine is sadly due to retire in 2024, at the age of 68, and we are already dreading this day, so if you speak to her, please ask her not to retire!

Lorraine is happy to help patients with any queries you may have regarding the clinic, your treatment, invoices and insurance. You can e-mail on: [email protected]